Friday, August 13, 2010

Advantages of WiMAX

WiMAX technology can reach theoretically 30-mile coverage radius and achieve data rates up to 70 Mbps. This technology is very efficient, because it provide non-line-of-sight communication. As a result line-of-sight not needed between base station and user. WiMAX technology supports both of licensed and unlicensed frequency bands. There are some limitations of this technology that must be considered before implementation. WiMAX suffer from interference from other broadcasters of wireless devices. Wireless is inherently unstable so this can affect voice and video services. Also reliability of any wireless technology isn’t that much as compare to cable network, so reliability of WiMAX can be a question. As it is believed that Wireless medium is less secure so Security of WiMAX can be big question too. A commonly-held misconception is that WiMAX will deliver 70 Mbit/s over 50 kilometers (~31 miles). In reality, WiMAX can either operate at higher bitrates or over longer distances but not both: operating at the maximum range of 50 km increases bit error rate and thus results in a much lower bitrate. Conversely, reducing the range (to <1 km) allows a device to operate at higher bitrates.

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