Friday, October 29, 2010

Technology and it's possibility

Globalization and technology now become similar word. Without technology, globalization is impossible. Technology take the world in a single room. We can now dream for a digital Bangladesh because of technology. From morning to night we are bound by technology. The development of a country now seems mostly depends on technology. But still now we cannot use this blessing successfully. Still now we cannot make enough people to use  technological resource successfully. Without several university, most of our public university  has limitation to provide the sufficient guide or instrumental support to those student, who will lead the country in future.Most of the people(without someone exceptional) have no interest to work with technology individually. Technology  also provides some way to earn money from home. But we still lake behind to take this chance as comparing with our neighboring country. We just see the water in the river but as like developed country, we never try to see the natural resource under the water. In next, i will try to discuss about those problem individually and together we will try to find possible solution of those problem. Best of luck to you all

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