Sunday, October 3, 2010

Third Generation (3G) wireless networks

The third-generation(3G) concept started in 1992.The main goal of third-generation cellular telephony is to provide universal personal communication.The third-generation of cellular telephony is the combination of technologies that provide variety of services. In this generation, it provides both digital data and voice communication. In 1992 when ITU issues a blueprint called Internet Mobile Telephone Communication for year 2000 (IMT-2000). The blueprint define some criteria for 3G technology as outline below:
  1. High voice quality comparable to the existing public telephone network or PSTN system.
  2. Data rate of 144 kbps for access in a moving vehicle, 384 kbps for access as the user walks and 2 Mbps for the stationary users.
  3. It supports for packet-switched and circuit-switched service.
  4. Bandwidths of 2 MHz.
  5. A band of 2GHz.
A person can download and watch move, can download and listen to music, can play interactive games, can have video conference and can do much more with third-generation(3G) network.
One of the interesting characteristics of 3G system is that the portable device is always connected, we do not need to dial a number to connect to the internet.

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  1. It is very interesting topic for new generation. Recent communication technology will increase of this technology.