Monday, August 16, 2010

How to Remove email account : Tutorial

E-mail means electronic mail. If you want to send an email you need to create an email account and I hope every body must have one , who uses internet services. We know about the creation of email account, but do you know how to remove an email account ?
Some time we need to remove our email account for several types of reasons. Now we learn how to do this. I’ll describe gmail and yahoo mail account removing step by step.

All necessary data must get backup before remove an account.

Gmail account remove:

•Sign in to with your username and password.
•Click on “settings” which appear top right part of home page.
•Click on “Accounts and Import”
•Then click on “Google Account settings” shown below.
•Now go to edit link of “My products” and click on “Remove Gmail permanently” to remove your gmail account.

Yahoo mail account remove:
• Go to and sign in with username and password of yahoo account which you want to remove.
• Then give password again and enter the code as it is shown in the box below.
• Click on the “Terminate this account” button to remove your yahoo mail account.

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